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Neighbours hottie Scott McGregor tells us he’s single and open to offers…

Neighbours hottie Scott McGregor tells us he’s single and open to offers…

When heatworld were invited over to the Channel 5 offices to hang out with hot Aussie Neighbours actor, Detective Scott McGregor, we didn't have to think twice. We just needed to control the drooling. But as soon as we got there, Scott reminded us of the sad, sad news that he was leaving the soap and in a mere month. Bah!

“It came down to the fact that I turned 30 a couple of months ago and although I was asked to stay on, I’m not 21 anymore," he explained. "And I have a few goals I want to achieve. I’d done a year and there was no reason to stay on and do another year in terms of what I was going to learn – it was a good time to move on.”

Not fair, is it? Scott basically makes having a day off sick (or a duvet day, ahem) totally worth it - but thankfully, he did also tell us that there's a silver lining. He's very newly single! And he's open to being bowled over by a beautiful woman! Eek!

Scott told us, "I'm not sure if I'm on the lookout but yes I am single and I'm only human - so let's see what will happen. Of course I'm not 21 anymore and I'm not going out partying looking for it - if the opportunity arises though..."

Hurrah! We have a chance! Ladies... form a queue (behind us, thanks).  


Scott's last episode in Neighbours airs on Wednesday 20 July and will be a very dramatic episode, make sure you tune in - and bring tissues!






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