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All the Made In Chelsea goss from tonight's episode...

All the Made In Chelsea goss from tonight's episode...

So Millie did the unthinkable and actually deleted her cheating boyfriend Hugo’s photographs from facebook. Honestly, the nerve of some people. Erm, we can think of worse things to do...

Cheska told her pals Ollie and Binky that she had started a relationship with someone. By started a relationship, we obviously mean texted each other a couple of times. The new boy is called Kendal. Like the mint cakes.  Only less likely to help you if you get stuck on the side of a very cold mountain. For their first date Cheska decided to let Ollie and Binky come along. Now that's friendship for you. Kendal looked...surprised.

Spencer turned up to take Louise away for a long weekend in the country. She said, “It’s going to be nice to get away, just the two of us.” Spencer then said how great it will be to spend time with Jamie and his mates. Hmm. Think someone might have a wire or five crossed somewhere down the line…

So Spencer’s supposed quiet weekend involves all of his mates, including Caggy. Yep that’s right, the girl he’s still in love with. Comfortable much?

Over in Ollie world, his Topshop-owning girlfriend (yes, we’re still bitter about that) was busy getting mad with him because he just doesn’t have any time for her any more. Ollie is too busy offering himself up on a plate to Mark Francis. To model his jewellery, of course.

Cheska’s new fella Kendal turns out to be one of the Ollie lookalikes from Gabi’s music video. Weird. At least he’s getting work, eh? We’re not entirely sure the sure-fire-hit Gabi made is actually going to be a sure-fire-hit.

Over at the country pad, the posh pals decide to have a game of I Never Have… which is sure to end in tears. Gemma, the new ‘party’ girl gets way drunk. The sort of drunk we see at the very end of the night in a club corner.

Louise decides to have a girly chat with Caggy in her room about Spencer. Will these girls ever get bored of discussing Spencer? Probs not. Louise seemed to offer Spencer to Caggie. A leg-over-offer. Not sure that'll fix it, love...


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