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Daniel Radcliffe reunites the Hogwarts gang!

That’s right, the Harry Potter cast are back together! Sort of. Daniel Radcliffe made his debut on late-night American comedy show Saturday Night Live last night, hosting the show and taking part in a sketch or two.

Dan kicked things off with a bit of stand-up (we know, cringe alert) and gave his heartfelt thanks to all the fans. Bless. “The incredible thing about the Harry Potter franchise is how it touched fans of all ages, across the world. And to the children who loved Harry Potter, your enthusiasm was the real magic and I so enjoyed being on the journey with you.”

Ah, that’s nice isn’t it? Dan continued, “And to the adults who bought the Harry Potter books and devoured them, I just want to say, those books were for children. You were reading children’s books. I know they were long, but that's because the letters were big.

“I am joking of course, I would never insult the adult fans of Harry Potter. Though if I did, what's the worst they could do? It's not like the wands they carry around are real…” It’s a good job we know he’s joking. He loves us really. Right Dan? *stares mournfully at our Harry Potter box set and book collection*

Harry Potter returns!

After years of spoof SNL sketches, they weren’t going let the actual Harry Potter go without reprising his role. Yay! Dan donned his Hogwarts robes, just like old times, to play a grown-up Harry in the future. It’s safe to say middle-aged Harry is a little bit bitter. “Congratulations to all of you for being accepted to Hogwarts! These are going to be the best days of your lives… honestly. The best. It does not get better.”

We’ve always thought it might be fun being a witch, mainly so we could magic One Direction to sing for us and forget about all our worries, but maybe not. Turns out even wizards have problems – “I've been touring, autograph shows, doing magic, making things disappear. You know one thing I can't make disappear? My mortgage!” So, is it just us that sees this working as a TV series? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of a 9-5 Job and Not Much Cash? Hmm, maybe the title needs work.


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