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EXCLUSIVE! TOWIE’s Arg strips! Honestly…


Hold on to your vajazzles heatworlders! (Yes we did just say that) It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Okay, well maybe not waiting for… but wondering what it would look like if it happened. TOWIE’s James ‘Arg’ Argent has stripped in a steamy (okay, it's not steamy, but go with it) Full Monty-style shoot.

Before you get too excited, Mark Wright isn’t involved (although you might spot his cousin Georgie Wright), but who cares when you get to see these magnificent images? Forget Ryan Golsing in Crazy, Stupid, Love. and revel in Arg’s one pack. Go on. Now isn’t your day just that little bit better?

So is Arg, who stripped to mark the launch of T-Mobile’s new ‘The Full Monty’ price plan, going to be getting his kit off on a regular basis now? “We had such a laugh at the T-Mobile photo shoot,” Arg says. “Although I was nervous about doing The Full Monty, I had my boys there for moral support.” If you’re wondering who the other naked “boys” are besides Arg and Georgie, they’re Arg’s mates, Tommy Smith, Dan Fisher and Tim Langer.

“It was such great fun having my mates there; we were all in it together - a nice memory to have when we're old, grey and past it!” Ah, note the word “memory”. It looks like we’re not going to see that policeman’s cap being whipped out more often then. Or is that a Pink stretch-limo driver's cap? We're not sure...

We’re just hoping these pics of Arg in the buff will remind Lydia Bright what she’d be missing if the pair do split. On Sunday’s episode of TOWIE Lydia confessed to Mark’s ex Lauren Goodger that she is unhappy in the relationship, saying, “We always argue about the stupidest things. But every time I see him and my hearts crumbles and I love him so much.” Well, lets cross our fingers her heart crumbles at these snaps and they can live happily ever after. Pretty please? If not, maybe this video will...


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