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The Voice episode one: heatworld's top ten moments

This weekend, BBC launched its brand new musical talent show. And for all of you who spent the weekend in the glorious sunshine and didn't get to watch it, here's a recap of our favourite ten minutes of the first episode.

1. The emotional VT of Jessica Hammond, an Irish 17-year-old who gets bullied at school. Thought it might have been scripted, the line "The raindrops on the windows, they're clapping for me. And I don't feel alone." is great. She'll only come out with more of them now that Jessie J is her mentor

2. When Danny O'Donoghue asked Sean Conlon (of 5ive fame) "So what's your name?" - just when we'd got round to Googling who Danny actually is (the lead singer of The Script, that is).

3. The whole idea of the judges' spinning chairs -'s bright racing jacket and leather gloves make him look like he's at the control seat of a spaceship.

4. The judges had to fight to get contestants onto their team, which lead to much name-dropping. First up, Tom Jones told an anecdote about a jam session he had with Elvis Presley in Hawaii, then spoke about producing for Michael Jackson in Ireland. It was all tongue-in-cheek, though, with Jessie J telling the contestant: "This is why I didn't turn around - I couldn't compete. I met Justin Bieber once, wooo!"

5. Jessie J told Ben Kerry from Derry, who sang Rocket Man: "Your licks are mad clean". We're still trying to work out what that means. Ditto: "your voice is ridonculoso".

6. Max Milner. We know this talent show isn't meant to be about looks or image, but this raspy crooner is really easy on the eye. Is it bad that we're happy his girlfriend Twinnielee didn't get through to the next round?

7. When Danny and Jessie J thought Gok Wan lookalike Sam Buttery is a woman before they spun around, Tom Jones looked hurt, and grumbled: "I thought he sounded like me. Do I sound like a girl?"

8. Danny explained what he wants to find in the show: "I'm just looking for someone to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up". It's extra funny because Danny has got a shaggy, undercut mullet.

9. Alopecia-sufferer Toni Warne sang an incredible rendition of Will Young's Leave Right Now and it took the judges ages to turn around. There's no way you could watch this and not be rooting for her to get through to the next stage.

10. On any other talent show, a judge would get annoyed when a contestant borrows their schtick. But Jessie J was totally into J Marie Cooper's version of her song Mamma Knows Best, standing up and dancing to it by the end of the performance.


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