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heat chats to Neighbours' Toadie aka Ryan Moloney about life on Ramsay Street

heat chats to Neighbours' Toadie aka Ryan Moloney about life on Ramsay Street

Before you ask, no unfortunately we weren't flown out to Ramsay Street, Erinsborough to speak to one of Neighbours' longest standing actors, but we did get Toadie Rebbechi aka Ryan Moloney to have a natter with us on the telephone.

Ryan's been in Australia's favourite soap for 17 years, ever since his character Toadie was taken in by his best pal Billy Kennedy's family. Susan and Karl Kennedy treated him like he was their very own little Toadfish, and he's been living in Ramsay Street ever since.

Ryan's due to appear on an episode of Channel 5's Celebrity Wedding Planner, which is exactly what it sounds like - couples have their entire wedding planned for them by a celebrity, who has just £12,000 to spend and 21 days to do it in. The last series saw Jedward and Kerry Katona taking on the task of choosing a stranger's wedding dress and her husband-to-be's stag do itinerary Eek.

Here's what Toadie, sorry we mean Ryan, had to say about it all:

Can you tell us a little bit about Celebrity Wedding Planner?

Ryan Moloney
Ryan's worried he won't make it home in time for Home And Away

Well, Channel 5 sent over a couple of DVDs and they asked if I’d like to do it. I watched them and it looked like quite a lot of fun. Then my wife watched them and said, ‘You’re not doing that – you’re not going over there and planning somebody’s wedding!’ So suffice to say there was a little anxiety in the beginning.

So which episodes did you watch?

The Apprentice boys [Stuart Baggs and Raef Bjayou] and Kerry Katona.

Who do you think pulled off a better wedding?

Stuart Baggs and Raef Bjayou
Stuart finds the free bar

Errrrrrrrrrrr, they were both pretty good actually. But I’m going to go with the Apprentice guys because they were pretty funny.

Was this anything like planning your own wedding?

No, this is nothing like planning your own wedding. First of all when you’re planning your own wedding you hire a wedding planner, and they do all the work. Plus, you’re planning a wedding for a bunch of strangers, so you’ve got no idea what they’re like and whether they’re going to like any of your ideas. So you just hope and pray.

Was it pretty stressful stuff then?

Yeah! I was a little worried, but then I was confident showing them a few of my ideas, but then I lost my confidence because some of their reactions weren’t the best. But then if you do something a bit out of the ordinary and you end up with a crying bride, there’s a little bit of comfort knowing that your plane leaves in a few hours. But I hope they live happily ever after.

So you’ve been on Neighbours for 17 years now, but do you think you’ll ever leave?

I will one day – you’re going to die one day. But let’s hope I don’t leave it that long!
Is there anything else you’d really like to do?

Ryan Moloney
Nice hat...

I’d actually really like to be a pilot – I’m just studying up at the moment. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, even before I got the gig on Neighbours.

How do you feel about your character’s name being Toadfish, because let’s be honest, it’s not the kindest nickname in the world, is it?

I was over the moon when I got the job, so I didn’t really care what they were going to call me. I was just happy to get a job.

Do people in the street ever actually call you Ryan? Or is it always just Toadie or Toadfish?

They do call me Ryan sometimes and it freaks me out a little bit, because I just always assumed no one actually knew my name!

Have you ever got any crazy fan mail?

I did complain once that I never got any strange fan mail – I never got any undies in the mail or anything like that. So someone kindly sent me a very large pair. They were just showing how big they love me…

Why do you think Toadie’s always been so unlucky in love?

Well, he drove his first wife off a cliff on their wedding day. Luckily that didn’t happen on Celebrity Wedding Planner. Then he realised that second wife Steph didn’t love him the way he wanted her to. Then the third time was with Steph again, but that was a sham and he ended up annulling it and went off to jail. So yeah, he has been pretty unlucky in love; poor old Toadster.

He’s happy with Sonya now though isn’t he?

Yeah, he’s found the real love of his life with Sonya – he’s a very happy man.

Who’s the best neighbours character of all time?

I think maybe Dr Darcy, he was pretty good! I think Izzy [Hoyland] aswell – she was pretty good!

Who would win in a fight between Lou and Harold?

Lou Carpenter and Harold Bishop
Lou and Harold - officially no good at fighting

I don’t think either of them would win to be honest! If either of them started something they’d both put their backs out and they’d both be on the ground.

Lou and Harold are amazing – what are they like in real life?

They are pretty much the same actually! Smithy [Harold] is a very funny man, he’s lovely. Tom’s [Lou] probably one of the most generous people I know. Whenever I do any kind of fundraising event or anything like that, he’s always the first person to put his hand in his pocket and give you his money. He also does a lot of work for his own charities in Thailand and whatnot – he helps a lot of people out there! He’s not so much the penny pincher and the shyster in real life.

What about on a night out?

Oh they’re hilarious – pretty hilarious, yeah!

What’s Karl Kennedy like in real life? We get the impression that he’s a bit of a party animal.

He loves to sing – he’s mad for a tune. It’s hard to get him to shut up!

Do you think Toadie ever fancied his surrogate mum, Susan Kennedy? A lot of people over here in Britain do.

Susan Kennedy
They don't call her Sassy Susan Kennedy for nothing...

So they like the yummy mummies? Look – as much as you’d like me to say yes, I think it would just be wrong really. Let’s just not go there, mummy Susan (laughs).

Who would play you in the film of your life?

I reckon someone like Sylvester Stallone – him trying to portray me would be bloody hilarious.

What’s new for Toadie then? Any big storylines coming up soon?

Well, I’m certainly not planning any weddings which is good, so the pressure’s off there! There’s a bit of a blast from the past, someone from number 30 coming back – I can’t tell you who though! It’s going to be great to have them back on board! We’ve got a new member of the family coming in – Georgia, who’s Toadie’s cousin – she’s a good laugh! There’s a baby on the way! That’s going to be intense!

Celebrity Wedding Planner, Monday 3 September at 10pm on Channel 5


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