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Made In Chelsea episode 2 - say hi to JINKY!

Made In Chelsea episode 2 - say hi to JINKY!
The new castmembers sure are stirring things up

On last night's Made In Chelsea, we saw Jamie Laing and Binky Felstead go on a date! An actual, proper date! Well, as proper as a date at a golf course could ever be. But as ever, things weren't perfect in paradise, as love rival Sam Cussins gatecrashed it and asked Binky on a date!

With his lovely little posh nose put out of joint by this, Jamie became a bit indecisive about properly going for it with Binky because he doesn't want to ruin his friendships with her or with Sam, who's one of his bezzies!

In another corner of SW3, Spencer Matthews cosies up to Andy. The blossoming bromance isn't entirely for real, though, as he only wants to keep an eye on him and his eyes off of Louise Thompson, who Spenny's decided he feels for after that Bachelor incident. But does Andy still have feelings for Louise?

No wonder he's beaming from ear to ear!
No wonder he's beaming from ear to ear!

Jamie eventually made up his mind about Binky, though, as they snogged at the end of the episode, spawning possibly the cutest, bounciest celeb couple name - Jinky! It's the sort of name you'd give a wind-up toy, isn't it?

Millie Mackintosh's dog also made a cameo, though we're not sure just how cute he is…they say dogs look like their owners, but we'll hold our hands up and say Millie is waaaay fitter. Gabriella Ellis also came back for a bit, pulling a lot of funny face in the process.

Did you enjoy last night's Made In Chelsea? What do you make of Jinky?


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