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Victoria Pendleton doesn't cry all the time, just sometimes

Victoria Pendleton doesn't cry all the time, just sometimes

Victoria Pendleton promises not to cry on this series of Strictly, but we'll believe it when we see it.

Queen Victoria has spoken out at critics who think she's just a big blubbing crybaby on a bike, telling The Sun that she's sick of people thinking she's fragile just because she cries all the time.

"I'd love to be dark a mysterious but I'm not that good an actress," says Vicky. But Strictly isn't an acting competition, Vicky. It's dancing. We hope someone's told you that, or this competition is going to be a shock. And we dread to think how you react to shock.

Hint: it's by crying.

Hold it together Big V


Vicky blubbed pretty much throughout her Olympic medal ceremony which came at the end of the 31-year-old's competitive cycling career. But that doesn't mean she cries at everything, guys, so stop saying that she does or she'll tell her Mum.

"My cycling career was my life," she said, presumably while flapping her hands and her face and saying 'I'm okay'. "When you've made a lifetime commitment to something, it means so much to you that you are going to be emotionally affected at times.

"But I don't want to be portrayed as that person forever"



Anyway, Victoria maintains she won't throw a strop if someone has a go at her Rumba.

"I am thick-skinned and being judged on my dancing is not something that cuts deep," she said, which sounds an awful lot like a code for 'I am not really very good at dancing'. You can see for yourself as the competition progresses - Vicky is paired up with Brendan Cole.


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