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Watch: Megan Fox can talk to dolphins now, apparently

Megan Fox is a scientist now, and can talk to dolphins. Yeah. Yeah. What have you ever done? Megan Fox has been voted the world’s sexiest woman and appeared in million-dollar blockbusters and had a baby and now she is a scientist who can talk to dolphins. And you just sit their in your jim-jams reading heat. Buck up your ideas, people.

Obviously, we should mention: Megan Fox cannot, like, actually talk to dolphins. It’s all part of a new ad campaign for the Acer Aspire S5, the same campaign that has seen 24 star Keifer Sutherland admit to his love of baking cupcakes. You know the one. This one:


The ad was clearly filmed a couple of months ago, but if you’re thinking “man, I want to get a peep on that sweet, sweet Megan-bump”: don’t. You can’t. Through the magic of flattering camera angles, the only time you see Megan looking even remotely pregnant is around the 12-second mark, where she is wearing a billowy dress and striding purposefully. The wonder of TV

This is what Megan looks like, when not being pregnant or talking to dolphins


Anyway, we hope Acer continue this campaign a little, because we’re keen to see what superpowers other celebrities might develop if given the chance. Perhaps Dappy from N-Dubz could learn how to jump over buildings with one powerful stride? Maybe Russell Grant could teach himself to grow hair again? Maybe, if rendered omnipotent by mysterious forces from beyond our astral plain, Jane MacDonald could belt out a high-C so loud the very earth explodes? Who knows. Who knows.


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