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Cat’s secret is out…it’s DEREK BRANNING!

Cat’s secret is out…it’s DEREK BRANNING!

It’s been confirmed – Cat Slater has been sleeping with…Derek Branning.

Yes. She chose the ugliest of the Branning brothers. Who knows why? It can’t be those great big cigars or the greasy hair do.

We just can’t get over it. Jack, woman. Why didn’t you go for Jack?



The storyline has been running for almost six months and it’s been possibly one of the most gripping since who shot Phil.

The story finally came to an explosive end tonight with Alfie confronting the trio of brothers – asking them which of them had done the dirty with his wife.

They all try to console him until, DUN DUN DUN – a phone rings and for a moment the finger was firmly pointed at serial philanderer Max.

Poor Tanya – as if he’s not played away enough – but luckily…it’s not him.

Star of the moment Cat runs in – squarking and hawking like it’s “I’m your muvva” all over again – before telling Alfie that he has the wrong man.

In true Albert Square style – a finger is pointed, a face turns, then the nasty Derek lights a big cigar.


That was some seriously head in hands, sweaty palms, accidentally kick your dog because the moment is just too intense viewing.

Well done Eastenders.

As for Alfie, he’s looking for revenge. And not just any revenge. According to actor Shane Ritchie who plays the loveable mug, “we’re talking him growing some big giant baubles for Christmas.”

We cannot wait!


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