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What's in the new heat magazine

What's in the new heat magazine

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for your weekly celebrity gossip fix. But what will you find in the pages of heat magazine today?

  • ¡Ay caramba! Jordan and Leandro hit a speed bump on the road to romance – read about it in today's heat
  • Rihanna can't stay out of the headlines. Not even this one. Heat explores those "drug" rumours in this week's issue
  • Think you know all of Simon Cowell's secrets now? Not this one you don't. Unless you've already read today's heat, of course
  • Sarah Harding denies latest "drinking" allegations – heat has the pictures, only in today's issue
  • Heat's talked to Harry Styles' mum for this week's issue. She's got lots to say about her "mummy's boy" – and he's going to be really embarrassed. Hee hee.
  • Ashton Kutcher's been seeing someone new – and it's not Rihanna. Get heat today to find out who the A-list girl is
  • We wouldn't want to be Kim Kardashian. For several reasons, but mostly because friend-in-law Beyoncé has *banned* her from her circle. Only in heat today
  • Want to know what Alan Carr thinks about sex tapes, Becks' wiener, his best mate Adele, Madonna, Gaga, and dancing with Prince Harry? Better read heat today then

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