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Gallery: Meet Shishi-Maru, the only cat you'll ever need to follow on Instagram


The first thing we are going to do when scientists finally pull their finger out and get a working time machine happening is to travel back to 2005, find the nearest person as they just walk down the street and shout: "IN THE FUTURE, YOU CAN BE FRIENDS WITH CATS ON INSTAGRAM". Because that sentence makes sense to us, now, in the future, presently. Seven little years ago, it didn't.

Best cat

Anyway, if you're thinking of being friends with a cat on Instagram: be friends with this cat. His name is Shishi-Maru (@emonemon), and he is a Scottish Fold cat with a big squishy face and massive eyes. He also has four legs, some fur, and a tail. We're not going to waste any more time describing what a cat looks like to you. Just have a look at the gallery, jeez.

You know what else those nerds on Instagram love? Fancy photos of eye shadow. We're giving away a bunch on Twitter this lunchtime, but if you miss out you can scoop some secretsales goodies for an exclusive price.


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