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Chris Brown’s Twitter meltdown, as told by puppies


Cheer in the streets, shoot fireworks into the air: Chris Brown has deleted his Twitter account.  The pantomime villain of hip hop will no longer send 140-character missives [1]. Yes, joy. Obviously an 11 million-strong army of disappointed Chris Brown fans have been wailing and gnashing and tweeting the word “breezy” a lot ever since, but otherwise, nobody is especially bothered. He’s still doing Instagram, anyway. He’s only deleted his Twitter. He’s not dead.  

[1] Until he changes his mind in about two weeks. He will change his mind in about two weeks.


Anyway, to recap: Take yourself back to Sunday evening. A more innocent time, a purer time. “I look old as [flip],” Chris Brown tweeted. “I’m only 23.” What followed was a Royal Rumble between Chris and comedy writer Jenny Johnson that culminated in Brown saying a lot of things that would really offend your Mum followed by him deleting his Twitter in a huff. Cool reaction, Chris.

But more important than all that: puppies. Puppies are delightful. Here, we’ve recreating Chris’s final departing tweets using baby dogs juxtaposed with some entirely NSFW language, all so that you can relive the famous Twitter spat with an added dollop of cute. Aw.


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