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Gallery: Behold Cat Heaven Island, an island full of cats


Come with us now on a journey to Cat Heaven, an island in Fukuoka, Japan. Why is it called Cat Heaven Island, you say? Because it is heaven for cats. The entire island is teeming with semi-wild cats who are fed by the local fisherman and can be seen purring and sleeping and doing cat stuff everywhere from boatyards to porches to bicycle baskets. You’re packing your bags, aren’t you? You’re putting all of your clothes in a suitcase and booking a flight to Japan. Us too. Race you.


But you needn’t leave your tired and awful normal life behind and go frolic with these cats in Japan, thanks to Fubirai, a photographer who has been documenting the animals for the past five years. Yes. Yes. Just unpack all your pants and socks and put your holdall back on top of your wardrobe, and enjoy this Cat Heaven Island gallery instead.

Bonus points: You can check out more photos of the Cat Heaven Island cats over on Fubirai’s blog


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