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Gallery: Pair a Just Cavalli dress with SO-B jewellery for a dramatic look this Christmas


As far as we can tell from movies and TV, there are two ways to enter a room: the first, nonchalant and rubbery, seeing you walk into a well-lit club – ideally flanked with fine, fine honeys, the three of you draped in fur – while G-Funk era entrance music plays. When you get to the bar Snoop Dogg high-fives you and buys you a Courvoisier. That is the first entrance.

The second is more show-stopping: it sees you decked out in your finest dress and a pair of killer heels, descending the first few steps of a white marble staircase before everyone turns around and gasps. Monocles pop out. Elderly generals faint. Champagne glasses tinkle to the ground. That is the second entrance. That is the better entrance. 


So if you want to do just that at this year's Christmas party, you need your outfit to be dramatic. Want a shortcut? Luckily, we are here: team SO-B jewellery with Just Cavalli dresses, and do something nice to your hair. Bam. Show-stopping party wear, without the need to break the bank.

Check out the designs on offer from secretsales today.


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