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Gallery: The 10 most creative baby photos ever


Source: Will / mlkshk

Stop freaking out: this child is not imbued with superpowers. His name is Henry and he belongs to photographer Rachel Hulin, who last year made the most of the finite period that babies are cute and photogenic for by shooting a series of snaps in which Henry appears to fly. “I never throw him,” she says. We think that’s quite important to mention.

Source: Rachel Hulin /

German photographer Jan Von Hellebon takes the best pictures of kids lying on their side and pretending to be King Kong that you will ever see.

Source: Jan Von Hellebon / Dreams of Flying

Source: Jan Von Hellebon / Dreams of Flying

Source: Jan Von Hellebon / Dreams of Flying

Source: Jan Von Hellebon / Dreams of Flying

If you have a kid and you don’t Photoshop a beard onto said kid then what are you doing wasting your time reading this for? GO AND DO THAT IMMEDIATELY.

Source: imgur / Holly_here

Technically not a picture of a baby, but semi-related: for his Wonderland series, Korean photographer Yeon Doo Jung recreated children’s drawings in real life. A reminder, if we ever needed it, that the inside of a kid’s mind is messed up.

Source: Yeon Doo Jung / Wonderland

Photographer Jason Lee takes some pretty insane portraits of his two daughters so that their grandmother can keep in touch with them from afar.

Source: Jason Lee / Flickr

Source: Jason Lee / Flickr


Over Christmas we are fully expecting heatworld’s Mum to scuttle off up to the attic and come down bearing gifts, only they are not real gifts, they are just embarrassing photos of us as a child. There is a picture of heatworld, chunky-faced and naked, wearing one of those bath hats that keep the shampoo out of your eyes. There is another of a baby, now an embarrassed adult, packed into a cardboard box. An entire roll of film was dedicated to documenting a child eating cream cheese toast and getting an amount of it on their face.


But those are all shit and junk when compared to some of the creative efforts of artists and photographers in our gallery above. Think: if you have a baby and you don’t take a photo of them dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, then how do you ever hope to embarrass them as an adult?


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