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Look: this baby doubles up as a mop

Look: this baby doubles up as a mop

Babies are good and all, but they are technically useless. Like: they can't wash up. You can't get a tiny baby to mow the lawn. You can't even use them as a doorstop, once they've learned how to crawl. All babies do is just sit there and gurgle a bit and get both ends of themselves harrowingly moist.

BUT NOT THIS BABY. Because this baby is wearing 'Baby Mop', a romper suit covered in fibres that turns your useless little baby into a fully functioning mop. Finally! A Baby Mop!


"It's made from microfibre mop material attached directly to the baby clothes," said co-inventor and technical head of a powerful child army, Mike Parker. "We use the full 'footie-type' pyjamas. The idea formed to make the actual product from a Japanese commercial on the web." Yes, that sounds like a rigid business plan.

Apparently the designers have sold more than 100 units already from their outlet, which is... surprising. We think the cooler onesie is the designer OnePiece being offered at an exclusive price from secretsales this week. Oh, and the one WE GAVE AWAY ON TWITTER EARLIER TODAY. We'll be giving more stuff away all this week, so be sure to tune in to Twitter at lunchtime for your chance to win.


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