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The Wanted, Rihanna and David Beckham all do milking! (Sort of)

Rihanna, David Beckham, Miley Cyrus and The Wanted all have one thing in common: they flipping love milk. They go crazy for cow juice. And that’s important in a week when everyone is pouring it all over themselves in an attempt to be street.

Let’s recap: remember planking? Haha, yeah. Remember owling? What a hoot. Do you remember batmanning? They were all hilarious things. They were really hilarious things. And the latest in the long line 'completely hilarious things that students do’ is called: milking.


Milking, in review: take a litre of milk. Pour it over your head. Put a video of you doing that thing up on YouTube. No, we don’t know either. But what started with two Newcastle University students earlier this week soon spread, so much so that earlier this week Dave ‘Take me back, Heidi! I’ll pour milk over my head!’ Berry did it right in the middle of Leicester Square. And that makes it a certified craze.

But students and Dave Berry are not the first people to go crazy for milk. Oh no. For years, celebrities have been posing with painted-on milk moustaches for the Got Milk campaign in America and the Make Mine a Milk campaign in the UK. Do you want to see the results of these two campaigns, with some entirely fabricated quotes from each of the celebrities involved? Of course you do. Check out the gallery below.


“I like milk,” says David Beckham, at the start of an hour-long press conference scheduled for him to talk about his love of milk. He sits quietly for a few minutes and then walks outside to kick a football at a wall. “He really likes milk,” his press officer later confirms. “He does not want to talk about it.”

“We right like milk, us,” says The Wanted’s Tom Parker. He is from Bolton, remember. “It’s got right loads of vitamins and that in it.” The rest of the group shuffle uncomfortably on the spot. “It’s good on cereal,” says Max George, bravely. The rest of the group pat him on the shoulder. It is good on cereal, Max. Yes.

“The ‘M’ in my famous chart-topping single actually stands for ‘Milk’,” Rihanna reveals. What does the ‘S’ stand for, Rihanna? “I don’t know,” she admits.

“Milk and I were very much in love one summer and then we broke up,” says Taylor Swift. What we are saying is if there is a song on her next album called Milk, or I Am Never Getting Back With You, Milk, or Dairy Bastard, then you heard it here first.

“Milk is magic!” says Rupert Grint. He will be describing things as being ‘magic’ for the rest of his natural life, now. A preview of Rupert Grint in 2070: “Boiled sweets are magic! Visits from my children are magic! Prostate exams are not magic!”

“I was the only one out of Destiny’s Child who ever drank milk,” Beyoncé reveals. “So that tells you all you need to know.”

During her short stint as a judge on The X Factor, Kelly Rowland also took up drinking milk. “Milk is milk-a-licious, baby!” she probably said, once. She has probably said that, actually.

“I really like milk,” says Miley Cyrus. “And I really like milk, too!” says Hannah Montana. Oh no, they’re in the same room together. The time machine Miley used to use to keep both identities going at once has malfunctioned. Lock the door while they fight to the death.

“I wish I’d never stopped drinking milk,” says Lindsay Lohan, looking wistfully at this campaign shot from 2004. “That is probably where it all went wrong for me. When I stopped drinking milk.” Liz & Dick has not yet been optioned for a UK release.

“Milk makes me want to dance!” says Usher. He takes off his hat (he is wearing a hat) and Frisbees it at his fridge door, which inexplicably opens. “Hoo!” he says, while moonwalking over to it. He clicks his fingers and an open carton of milk tips over and starts to pour. Oh, gosh, he’s forgotten a glass. Oh bloody hell, it’s getting everywhere. Errant dancing claims another victim. Usher’s Mum, Mrs Usher, is going to be fuming.


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