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Gallery: The 10 best pictures of Louis Walsh looking bewildered and slightly lost

DISCLOSURE: We love Louis Walsh. It is important to say that, in the first instance. We like the way he leans forward neck-first and slams his fist on the judge’s desk, shouting “YOU LOOK LIKE A STAR. YOU SOUND LIKE A STAR.” We like the way he keeps a nervous distance from Simon Cowell, as though at any given moment Simon is going to put him in a headlock and flush his head down the toilet. And we like the way he has introduced acts − such as Union J, JLS and… uh… Wagner – to the pop world. Thank you, Louis. Thanks for that.

But most of all we like how distant and faraway he looks in photos. Here, have a whole gallery of them.


Look at Louis, trying to comprehend this youth fashion all the kids are running around in these days. It took him two entire minders to help get him out of this OnePiece.

Louis is weighing up in his head whether or not to say "real talk", here.

Louis is just remembering the day Westlife changed their name from 'Westside' and the nightmare he had printing up new headed paper at such short notice.

Louis looks like he hasn't a care in the world here, jacket louchely draped over his shoulder, vacant stare into middle-distance. We just get the impression that he's entirely forgotten a really important appointment and he is three-to-five seconds away from remembering where he should be with terror.

Louis could be asleep behind those sunglasses and nobody would know.

Nobody – least of all, Louis – knows where he got those hair plugs, but he showed them off at the launch of this year's X Factor auditions by throwing up the peace sign and thinking about the Boyzone days. The better days.

Someone managed to pin Louis Walsh down once and wrestle him into a JLS hoody. Thanks you, whoever you are.

Source: Flickr / garryknight

Just Louis and Simon hanging out at a media event in 2008. Simon on the phone, Louis staring distantly into space.

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