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Gallery: Play #findmomo, the best dog-finding game on the Internet

Instagram is pretty useful if you’re in a pinch and you desperately need to look at Rihanna’s i. butt ii. boobs or iii. stash of brain drugs, but it also has another use. Besides looking at random stranger’s lunch. And that use is ‘playing Where’s Wally with a dog’.

Momo is a Bordie Collie belonging to general creative dude Andrew Knapp, who takes pictures of Momo from hiding and then posts them on his Instagram, instantly making us want more childhood games to be reimagined by hipsters. Connect 4 with the lids of boutique takeaway coffee cups. Hungry, Hungry Hippos where all the hungry hippos have thick-framed glasses on without lenses. Guess Who where everyone has an ironic tattoo.

Source: Instagram / andrewknapp


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