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Vote now for heat’s Twitter Awards!

“Hey!” someone realised, in a recent production meeting at heat Towers. “Get this: heat rhymes with tweet!” Everyone looked at each other in wonder. “heat does rhyme with ‘tweet’,” we said, astonished. None of us could believe it. We just couldn’t flipping believe it. What are the chances? They are remote, basically. Infinitesimal. But that’s how heat’s Twitter Awards were born. And lo, we are explaining it to you today.


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Because Twitter is a pretty big deal these days. BORING NUMBER KLAXON: Twitter has more than 200 million active users, 36-odd million of which follow Justin Bieber. And we feel Justin Bieber deserves some sort of award for that. And he’s not the only one – which is why we’ve had 18 different trophies for each of our 18 different categories made up, and we’re going to spend the next month figuring out who to give them to. 


And that’s where you come in. Does Professor Green deserve a trophy for his many, many online rants? Perhaps Rob Kardashian’s Rita Ora-related overshare made him eligible for a gong? And Tulisa must have done something in the last 12 months to make her worthy of an Award, right? Well, we don’t know. That’s why we want you to help us decide, by voting online.  



(Thanks to Starcount for their cool Twitter statistics, by the way. Fanks, Starcount!)

Still confused? Shh. Shh. Here, let Lucie and Joey Essex talk you through the rest:

It's pretty simple: look at our shortlist, tell us who should win in each of our categories, then we'll give them an award. Don't like who we've picked? There's an open nomination field for each category, and every nomination counts as a vote. Please don't vote and nominate though, jeez. This is already going to be a headache to count up.


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