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CHALLENGE TUESDAY: Watch Keith Lemon stuff as many marshmallows in his gob as humanly possible – and THEN attempt a load of accents

Oh Keith Lemon, how you make us chuckle. When Leigh Francis’ manic alter-ego heard we were doing the heat Challenge Tuesday series, he BEGGED us to film him shovelling HELLA marshmallows into his face. OK, maybe he didn’t beg us. MAYBE we begged him. But all that matters now is this excellent video of Keith Lemon and his unstoppable marshmallowy ...


VIDEO: heat does the ice bucket challenge!

Yes, we’re suckers for an Internet bandwagon. But no matter, because we’ve managed to raise over £160 for Macmillan Cancer Support JUST by badgering people in heat Towers to either get themselves absolutely soaking wet or cough up as much as they can for charidee… So here we are, just round the corner from the office. Watch to the very ...


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