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Big Brother housemate’s claims to fame: Pauline rapping with Kylie Minogue and Mark’s X Factor audition

Some of this year’s Big Brother contestants are almost famous enough to appear on the Celebrity version of the show. Don’t agree with us? Well, who’d even heard of Jasmine Waltz before she, er, waltzed into the CBB house? No one, that’s who. Meanwhile in this summer’s civilian series, several of the HMs have already had a brush with fame (or been ...


Who wore it best? Miranda Kerr vs Coleen Rooney

If the Grand National isn’t an excuse to get glammed up head-to-toe in fuchsia, then what is? Mum-of-two and WAG Coleen Rooney looked super trim in Victoria Beckham and we must commend her attention to detail when it comes to colour matching. Our money’s on her favourite colour being... erm, Pink? The clean lines and cap sleeves on the sleek ...


Coleen Rooney feels the heat in Twitter rant

Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's the suction effect from her new Littlewoods leather jacket ("love the stud detail!"), but Coleen Rooney is mad. Like, really mad. And she's taking it all out on Twitter. The mum of two got embroiled in a war of the words after #ThingsThatAngerAndConfuseWayneRooney started trending, with users helpfully tweeting suggestions like "menus without pictures", "Pringles" and "why ...


Wayne Rooney and Coleen spend £2k on Pot Noodles and vodka at Glasto

If you’re being helicoptered in to Glastonbury – like Wayne Rooney and wife Coleen - you’d think you wouldn’t need to scrimp on the food you bought. You could buy a watery paella! Or chips with curry sauce! Or day-glo sweet and sour pork with chewy noodles! But Wayne and Coleen instead spent almost £2,000 on Pot Noodles and vodka this ...


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