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Frankie Cocozza and Jodie Marsh both deny having sex with each other

2011 person Frankie Cocozza has been apparently boasting about bedding Jodie Marsh, which is weird because Jodie Marsh has been celibate for three entire years, so that literally can’t have happened.   SHERLOCK MONTAGE   A taxi zips across London. White clouds frost the sky. “John,” Benedict Cumberbatch is saying. His voice is urgent, pressing. He is talking into a mobile phone ...


Frankie Cocozza: “I’ve swapped drugs for bingo!”

Never in a million years did we think X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza would ditch his wild ways. But the 20-year-old – who was kicked off The X Factor for bragging about doing cocaine – has revealed he’s quit drugs for good; swapping them for a slightly unusual addiction… BINGO! “Bingo’s the wildest I get these days,” Frankie told The Sun. ...


Frankie Cocozza made a whopping £120,000 last year

X Factor scallywag, Frankie Cocozza, made a whopping £120,000 last year – that’s more than any other contestant from the 2011 series, including winners Little Mix. The girls made £116,223 in the same period. And the world thought Frankie, 20, getting booted off the show for boasting about drugs would be the end of him… An industry source told The ...


Frankie Cocozza investigated after leaving a shop without paying

CCTV footage that possibly shows Frankie Cocozza leaving a shop without paying for his items is being investigated by the police. The former X Factor bad boy can been seen repeatedly keying in his PIN number at a self-service machine at a shop in Brighton, police now need to determine if Frankie’s failure to pay was a “genuine error or ...


Frankie Cocozza releases new music video!

It might seem like yonks since Frankie Cocozza caused a stir on The X Factor with his womanising ways, bum-tattoos and partying skillz. But just a few seconds into his new video, for debut single motorcycle, it'll all come rushing back to you. The shaky voice, the wispy upper lip, the guyliner, the messy hair and the jeans so tight ...


Jodie Marsh would date women again to find love

With all the hours Jodie Marsh spends in the gym she probably doesn’t have much time for a love life. But if she does start dating again there’s a good chance she’ll start dating a woman. “Would I go with a girl again? I would never say never to anything. I’m quite fearful of men because I’ve had lots of ...


So Frankie Cocozza's got a new haircut and a new girlfriend, eh?

Yesterday we brought you the news of Frankie Cocozza's lovely new 'do, and today we're telling you all about his 'proper fit' new girlfriend. What an exciting time Frankie's having at the moment. We don't know who the lucky/unlucky (delete accordingly) lady is but we know lothario Frankie's known her since before he got famous on last year's series of The X ...


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