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Vanessa Feltz wants to breastfeed her grandson. That is all.

Horrific nightmarish things that will make your whole body convulse in disgust news now, and Vanessa Feltz wants to feed her newborn baby grandson. Just a quick shout out to Allegra Benitah, who actually did all the hard work of pushing a baby out. Well done, pet. The new grandmother welcomed the addition to the family in with characteristic enthusiasm, tweeting, ...


Vanessa Feltz channels a polar bear

We're trying very hard to think of positive things to say about this. Err.. Vanessa Feltz does look cosy... And smiley... That's it, we're out. Vanessa what are you doing? Yes, it may be cold but that doesn't mean you can wrap yourself in a rubbish sofa throw, stick on some heeled boots and go strutting around town like a ...


Channel 5 finally confirm five year Big Brother deal!

Ok, so we can all say we knew since C4 gave BB the boot back in the summer, but we didn’t actually know anything for sure until this evening when news arrived that Channel Five has signed a deal with programme makers Endemol to air Big Brother later this year. After 11 series, spanning over a decade, on Channel 4 the ...


Vanessa Feltz makes teenager cry and write 2,000 word essay

Now heatworld is aware that Vanessa Feltz may not be our usual celeb du jour, but you might want to give us the benefit of the doubt and read on.... A teenager who forked out £120 to work for Vanessa Feltz has said, she ‘basically paid to be abused by Vanessa Feltz for a week.’ Beverley Nesbit who is 19, bid ...


The best and worst celebrity Halloween costumes

Every celebrity, from the A-list to the Z-list let their hair down (or more often than not hid it under a wig) for some spooky Halloween fancy dress fun this weekend. As usual Heidi Kulm and husband Seal out did everyone else with their seriously amazing costumes. Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman had a good crack at stealing Hedid and ...


Michelle Bass and Vanessa Feltz get the boot from Ultimate Big Brother

It certainly wasn't a ladies' night yesterday after the Ultimate BB- watching public decided to send both Michelle Bass and Vanessa Feltz  packing. Neither seemed that sad to be leaving, though. And wasn't it  nice that Vanessa came out to cheers rather than in a straitjacket?  Hee hee, we joke, obviously. What's even nicer is the fact Nadty Nick looks set ...


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