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Here’s Lana Del Rey’s new video, Ultraviolence

Hey, Lana Del Rey has a new video for her single Ultraviolence! Wait, wait, before you watch it, guess: which of these three scenarios is she acting out in the vid? — Lana Del Rey is doing a hi-tempo dance routine with lots of ‘hands in the air’ type moments and head tilts, before pointing to Tinie Tempah who says “HAAA!” ...


Katy Perry: ‘I don’t need a dude to have a baby!’

Katy Perry doesn’t need a man to have a baby with, meaning Katy Perry doesn’t understand one of the most basic tenets of human biology. Katy: u ok hun? U need a GCSE refresher course or something hun? U need us to point sexlessly at a diagram of a uterus on a big wall for u hun? Well, no: Katy ...


‘S**t happens, you know?’: Robert Pattinson sort of opens up about Kristen Stewart break-up

Sparkling vampire man Robert Pattinson has spoken to Esquire about his on-again, off-again, although-definitely-over-now relationship with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. The actor couple dated for something like four-and-a-half years after meeting on set, before finally splitting a little while after Kristen was photographed snuggling up in a car to Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders — but both ...


Justin Bieber crows about fight with Orlando Bloom on Instagram

We have to confess, before today we'd have never thought Justin Bieber and Solange Knowles would have so much in common – but it turns out both of them really enjoy a good celebrity bargy. Bieber just about edges it over Solange though due to his insufferable need to boast about his fights. Which is exactly what he's just done ...


WATCH: Turns out Daniel Radcliffe can really, REALLY not cut hair

YES he's played a world-famous wizard and YES he's probably got a multitude of talents that we've never heard of, but sadly Daniel Radcliffe is never going to be a professional hairdresser. The Harry Potter star turned up on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live show and was quickly dispatched to outside the studio with nowt but a pair of clippers, ...


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