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Hold your horses - Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss are modeling together for the first time ever. Like ever.

She-of-the-perfect-eyebrows, Cara Delevingne, joined iconic British supermodel, Kate Moss, in a racy campaign for Burberry’s new scent, the imaginatively named My Fragrance. The pair frolic saucily in the shoot, directed by world-renowned photographer Mario Testino, wearing the brand’s classic trench coat and little else. 22-year-old Cara said she had “always admired” Kate. “Kate has such a presence and she has a great ...


#TechFail! 10 of most embarrassing times technology has left us red-faced, inspired by hilarious new comedy Sex Tape

To celebrate the release of new film Sex Tape, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, we thought we’d see just how much technology has let us down of late. It’s not just the lack of hover-boots and daily trips to the Moon we’re disappointed in, it’s the sheer cringe factor involved in, well, pretty much any social interaction that involves ...


EXCLUSIVE! Is Tulisa going on I'm A Celeb?

It's not long until Ant and Dec are shipped off to Australia for I'm A Celeb... and Tulisa. Aparently, ITV bosses are so keen to get the ex-X factor judge in the jungle that they're willing to pay £500,000. Yowzer... "The money on the table is amazing and the opportunity to relaunch herself is right there - she'd be mad ...


Who wore it best? Alesha Dixon vs Katy Perry

Katy Perry loves her leopard print and sure knows how to rock it! After wearing a leopard print dress to the VMAs last year she only went and did it again. This time KP settled on a bright Pink maxi number by Versus Versace, which she wore to dance the night away last December. Four months later, Alesha Dixon was seen ...


Cee Lo Green shares opinions on rape before deleting Twitter account

‘I see you driving ‘round town having bad opinions about sexual consent / and I’m like: forget you’. And so to Cee Lo Green, who took time out from his busy schedule of being the long sought-after missing link between humans and toads to voice his opinion on rape, an opinion he shared an actual calculable number of seconds after ...


CHALLENGE TUESDAY: Watch Amelia Lily play the ping-pong game!

Hello and welcome to this week’s Challenge Tuesday. Today we’ve got the lovely Amelia Lily playing heat’s Ping-Pong Game, which involves a ferocious word association round while bouncing a ball on a paddle. Sounds easy, right? Well it’s not. So there. See how Amelia’s mind works when we put her under extreme pressure, and don’t forget to check back next ...


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