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Last Night on I’m a Celeb... Stefanie leaves the jungle!

Last Night on I’m a Celeb... Stefanie leaves the jungle!

That has to be one of the busiest episodes of Celeb EVER. Not only did we have two trials and an eviction, but one of the juiciest gossip chats so far this year! One thing we couldn’t wait to see though, was Pat Sharp’s reaction to being voted to do the ‘Bushman’s Bungalow’. Why were we not surprised that he tried to pretend it was all part of his grand plan?

“It’s great! I asked for it to be me again and you kindly, at home, said, ‘Yeah’.” Umm… well you didn’t ask for this one, did you Pat? You could definitely see the fear in his eyes this time as he headed down to the clearing and within minutes he was gasping for breath and panting “I should’ve stopped being so mouthy.” He might have done a decent job getting eight out of twelve stars, but we’re guessing Uncle Pat is glad the public vote is over – “It was a hideous ordeal. It could not have been more horrendous.”

Brad Pitt’s bed-skills revealed!

We love Dougie Poynter for so many reasons, but last night we loved him even more for finally asking Sinitta the question we’ve all been waiting for! “Who was better in bed, Simon or Brad?” It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out Brad Pitt might just edge this one, but Sinitta was keeping quiet other than confessing, “He was fun, he was young and very sweet.” Jealous, us?

Dougie was firmly in the Brad camp, saying “I reckon Simon’s sex life is too organised – it will be like, ‘it is five past ten, we must have sex for seven minutes darling’, then afterwards it will be, ‘that was shocking!’” All we have to say, is if it was Brad versus Dougie, we’d choose Dougie every time. Probably.

The blues beat the bed bugs!

WOW. Just… wow. We knew the final of Beat the Bugs was going to be great, but Mark Wright trapped with those rats will go down in jungle history. There were noises coming out of that bed that have never been heard before by human ears. It’s going to take a long time for him to live that down on the streets of Essex.

With Sinitta and Antony giving up and Pat yelling at the blue’s like some kind of 80’s army sergeant, we weren’t surprised the blue team won. This left the orange team up for the public vote, with Stefanie eventually getting the boot. She seemed more than happy to be back in the world of hair straighteners and anti-frizz shampoo and we don’t blame her! We weren’t entirely convinced by her “I wasn’t afraid of the bugs… they didn’t really bother me” though – show off! With Stefanie out, who will be next in the firing line?

Has Pat blown his chances of winning? Who would you choose – Brad or Simon? Or Dougie? Was Mark’s screaming the funniest Celeb moment ever? Were you glad Stefanie went or should Sinitta have gone? Let us know...


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