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If you run your own website, you can display the latest headlines from other websites on your own site using RSS.

We encourage the use of heatworld feeds as part of your website, provided that the proper format and attribution is used when heatworld content appears. The attribution text should read "heatworld gossip” or "" as appropriate. You may not use any heat or heatworld logo or other heat / emap trademark alongside the content.

We reserve the right to prevent the distribution of heatworld content using RSS. We do not accept any liability arising from your use of the heatworld feeds or from any inaccuracy or omission in the content or interruption in availability.

Linking to our website

We welcome 'hot links' and deep-links to our website, by which we mean that you may include a link to any page of our website. You may not display the contents of our website (or any page from it) or allow it to be displayed surrounded or framed or otherwise surrounded by material not originating from us without our consent. If you would like to license our material, please contact Caroline Stent email:


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