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David Gandy’s hot-bod secrets

David Gandy’s hot-bod secrets

Model and all-round fitty David Gandy has revealed that American models are probably the least fun ever. They don’t eat chocolate, sweets or anything nice! Yeesh. Pass us a cupcake…
“A lot of American guys have such a strict diet of fish and vegetables, and there are things they just will not touch, like a latte. If they’re having a coffee, they will not touch milk. And of course, they won’t have any sort of chocolates, sweets or bread. That, to me, isn’t living. I’m careful, but I’m not pedantic about it.”
Wow. American models sound, like, so much fun. NOT.
David doesn’t spend his days chowing down on greasy burgers to get his rock-hard bod, though (quelle surprise). Mollie King’s boyf told Details mag that he has to be careful about what he eats otherwise he’d become a great big fatty. Not something Dolce & Gabbana would want to picture floating on a boat in a tropical ocean with his shirt off.
"If I have a big underwear shot, like when I had the [Cool Water] Light Blue campaign shoot, maybe a month and a half before that I'm extremely careful. I come off the drink, and I come off a lot of carbohydrates and salts. I won't eat carbohydrates after 5pm when I have something coming up."
Fair enough. If we had to get our not-so-hard body out for the world, we’d probably cut out the crap too. Well, maybe not the cheese…


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