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Angelina Jolie loves a good FCUK, shop.

She's got the world of fashion at her fingertips and a plethora of designers on speed dial [probably] but it looks like international actress, gf to Brad Pitt and mom to a bajillion children Angelina Jolie loves our high street.

Well, French Connection at least.

Flanked by a burly bodyguard and personal assistant [shoppers on the Kings Road can get pretty rough] Ange took daughters Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 5, on a tour of our best high street stores.

But the best bit? In just 15 MINUTES the group managed to splash out £1,300 on French Connection clothing alone which - even with our shopaholic tendencies - is pretty impressive stuff. Oh to have £1,300 etc...

An overly-excited customer reported [stalked] the below:

"She was really friendly and humble!".


"She signed an autograph for some young girls in the shop, and wouldn't let any of the staff help her to the car with her bags, joking that she "had people to do that" for her...she seemed happy to talk to people and sign autographs for them. I was in the store at the same time and couldn't believe it when I saw she'd managed to spend £1,300 in such a short time...still, she earns such a lot of money, so why not?!"

And relax.

Well, why not indeed? We would probably buy the entire shop, rails, hangers, assistants and all.

Maybe not that white top though...


Angelina hit the British high street (well, the la-de-dah Kings Road in London)...her first stop? FRENCH CONNECTION!

Looks like someone's going to be working AW's mustard yellow trend soon. That someone is Ange, btw...

French Connection Classics £42

...and it would seem she's a fan of the midi-trend too. Either that or she just really likes skirts that stop at the calf.

French Connection Classics £72

Jolie by name, jolly smart wardrobe by nature - if this crisp n' classic white top is anything to go by. What's that? Boring you say? Don't be mean.

French Connection Classics £67

The mum of three-hundred-and-six kids (ish) treated daughter Zahara to this faux fur jacket too. Ahh that's nice! Although we'd have preferred her to have picked something from Zara, you know, just cos' it's a bit like her name...

French Connection Kids £35


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