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Imogen Thomas in bid to make herself even MORE popular

Imogen Thomas in bid to make herself even MORE popular

Only we have a sneaking suspicion that a t-shirt with 'YOUR BOYFRIEND SAYS HI' emblazoned across the front may not be the way to go about it.

Not because it's inflammatory in any way. No. Nor is it because it makes light of a certain Thomas / man affair that came out earlier this year. Nor because it should probably include husbands too.

No. It's got us really riled because we had to do a proper crane of the neck to the read the 'Boyfriend' element of the tee (what with it being nestled under Imo's inflammatory mammaries). And no one should have to work that hard for a slogan tee.

But what do you think? Is this t-shirt an Imogem? Or is Imogen's attempt to wear her heart on her tee simply one step too far?

If fact, do you even like seeing the stars getting things on and off their chests via the medium of clothes? Or does it just get on yours? Answers below...


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