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Celebrity engagement rings in pictures: Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce – who’s got the biggest rock in Hollywood!?

Do you know your carats from your clarity, your baubles from your baguettes and your Jen An from your Angelina?

Put your knuckle duster knowledge to the test with this, heatworld’s ULTIMATE ENGAGEMENT RING GUIDE!*

*Insert dramatic fanfare here*

Because one thing’s for sure, when it comes to celebrity engagement rings, size matters.

Some of these bad boys are so blindingly big they need their own limo - one that’s lined with diamond dust and fairy droppings, probably.

But which star has the BIGGEST rock of them all?

Whose is so big they couldn't high-five you about it, even if they wanted to? 

Whose diamond cluster cost a whip-crackingly expensive $5MILLION dollars - and whose just looks like it came out of a cracker?

So many questions, there’s only one thing for it. This calls for a game of:

Guess the celebrity engagement ring! Which famous finger lives in a ring like this...?


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