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Shailene Woodley's style evolution

She first made a name for herself in The O.C as Mischa Barton's little sis Kaitlin Cooper, and now she's the star of new movie Divergent. So let's take a look at how Shailene Woodley's style has evolved over the years...


Who wore it best? Miranda Kerr vs America Ferrera

We couldn’t think of anything worse than being pitched against a supermodel for wearing a D&G floral dress but America Ferrera is really holding her own in this fashion frock-off. Miranda Kerr was the first to wear her floral number out and about in NYC in March. Her Escada coat looks so cosy and is perfect for the chilly Big Apple weather. You can’t go wrong ...


Before the stylist: Victoria Beckham

Remember pre-2008? Also referred to as the time Victoria Beckham still went by the name of Posh Spice, wasn't a fashion designer, and didn't float about in amazing clothes all the time? Well in case you can't remember it, we've delved into her style history and come up with these badly-dressed gems...


The Amazing Emma Stone's Amazing Spiderman 2 tour-drobe

In case you haven't guessed, we're slightly in love with Emma Stone. OK, a lot in love with her. Not only do we heart her and real-life boyfriend Andrew Garfield together, her outward obsession for the Spice Girls and her rapping (even though it was rubbish), last (but not least), she doesn't half have good taste in fashion...


Who wore it best? Lea Michele vs Selena Gomez

Looking red hot in this Dolce and Gabbana dress, it’s Lea Michele vs. Selena Gomez in today's Who Wore It Best? and it’s a tough one! While both ladies paired this number with a pair of trusty black court shoes, these are two completely different looks. Selena was the first to wear the gorgeous gown to the ESPYs in March 2013 ...


Is Taylor Swift going to appear in Girls: Season 4?

Back in October last year, we brought you the news that Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham had been hanging out together, WhatsApping each other all the time and talking about never, like ever getting back together with boys (we presume). Basically, they are BFFs. Well, earlier today we spotted Lena Dunham turning up to Tay-Tay's apartment in NYC, looking very ready to ...


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