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Craig Colton is out of The X Factor. Shockedface!

Craig Colton is out of The X Factor. Shockedface!

It's that sad time of the week again. The time we say so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodnight to another X Factor contestant – and tonight it was Craig Colton's turn to sing his last. After ending up in the bottom two against Amelia Lily, the judges voted two apiece (Gary and Tulisa – Craig, Kelly and Louis – Amelia Lily) and took us to our first deadlock of the series. Oooo and errrrrr! Poor old Craig, who admitted he had a bad feeling after last night's show, was absolutely devastated, but told Dermot he'd had the “time of his life” on the show.

Misha B's crying into her dead-swan-dress must have done the trick last night, because she went straight through along with a screamingly delighted Little Mix, the “great natural showman” Marcus, and the curiously growing-taller Janet.

We were watching closely for signs of tension between Kelly and Tulisa after last night's disagreement over Amelia Lily's song choice – and it seems the pair have yet to kiss and make up. Tulisa seemed a bit down tonight, in fact. She didn't even do her famous arm salute at the beginning, although she did have her tattoo covered up with green lace. While we're on the subject, Tulisa deffo won the dress battle for us tonight. Soz, Kel!

We very much enjoyed the randomness of tiny little Bryan Adams popping up on the group performance – and he then caused a bit of a stir by backing Amelia Lily to win. Rebecca Ferguson was stunning as ever, and reminded us all just how high the calibre of talent was on last year's show.

Gary had a little rant about constructive criticism. What? You mean Louis repeating “It was a bad song choice” over and over isn't helpful? Surely not! Ahem. Although we love how much fun Louis' having now that he has no acts left in the show. We also have to say: how amazing was that giant hairdryer that Rihanna was sitting on? We want one instead of our desk, please, Ed. However, we didn't love the very poor attempt at lip-synching from Rihanna herself. There were moments where she didn't even bother pretending. Tut tut, and a tap on the wrist for you, tartan-clad Missy!

What did you think of Rihanna's performance? And do you think the right person left tonight? What will you miss most about Craig? And do YOU want a giant hairdryer as a desk? Tell us!


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