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X Factor's Tulisa Contostavlos discusses death threats and getting naked

X Factor's Tulisa Contostavlos discusses death threats and getting naked

Ooh how horrible - N-Dubz singer and X Factor judge, Tulisa Contostavlos, has spoken out about how she has been receiving death treats since bagging her place on the ITV show’s judging panel.

The 23-year-old admitted she’d been the target of hate-messages, including one that threatened to ‘hunt her down’ - how horrendous!

She revealed to The Sun, “I've always had abuse — since the age of 17 — so I've been trained for it. It's nothing to me. You still get the whole, 'I'm gonna hunt you down and kill you'. But I'll message them back and go, 'Bring it on, b****'. That s*** doesn't bother me. It's probably some spotty 12-year-old having a laugh with his mates because he can't get a girlfriend."

Brave words from Ms Contostavlos, and we love the fact that she isn’t afraid to give back as good as she gets. This girl isn't about to get all intimidated by these silly folk.

The X Factor judge also took the opportunity to explain that no amount of cash would make her strip off for a magazine shoot.

She said, “I'd never get naked in a mag. I don't care how much money. You can offer me millions. I'm not a prostitute. I'm sorry, naked? That's no diss to anyone who does it, but I'm a musician — I'm not selling my body."

And that there is exactly what is good about this girl. She says it like it is. We bet all those poor men's magazine types are crying into their cups of tea as we write this...


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