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Amelia Lily is OUT of The X Factor

Amelia Lily is OUT of The X Factor

So, after the most bombastic, fantastic and thousands of jazz-hands-worthy brilliance of tonight's X Factor final part one, it was time for Amelia Lily to leave the competition. Big ouch. It was always going to be a difficult one. Let's face it, apart from going on the first week, leaving at this stage in the proceedings must be the most heartbreaking thing ever. And it certainly looked like it was for Amelia Lily and mentor Kelly Rowland.

Talking about Amelia, Kelly said, “She's the best vocalist in the competition. She's a star!” Amelia herself merely yelled (which can't have been easy, given her sore throat), “This isn't the last you've seen of Amelia Lily!”

Was it the famous being-in-the-bottom-two curse that did it? Did Amelia Lily being booted out and missing those vital weeks of “audience-connection” before her return ruin her chances? Probably, but there's no denying the lungs on this lady – she is a seriously good singer and we're hoping - and expecting - that she'll come back with some sort of awesome single next year.

However, what we must not forget are these artists: Cher Lloyd, Jedward, One Direction, JLS, Diana Vickers. All of these acts failed to take the X Factor crown, and all of them have managed to have successful careers in the biz. In the case of Harry Styles, he's also managed to bag himself a sexy older lady, but let's not dwell on that.

Little Mix were ecstatic to the point of screaming about getting through, while Marcus (a little less audibly) promised not to “let down” everyone who had voted for him. This is IT, heatworlders – either Little Mix or Marcus Collins WILL win The X Factor 2011. Who should it be? Who are you voting for? Are you angry that Amelia Lily has gone? We won't know what you think unless you tell us! Comment below or come and rant at us on Twitter. See you all for the final of finals tomorrow night. Woop, scream, arm-salute, etc.


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