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Jarvis Cocker on The X Factor: “It’s everything I don’t agree with”

Jarvis Cocker on The X Factor: “It’s everything I don’t agree with”

Britpop icon Jarvis Cocker has become the latest in a long line of pop stars to have a pop at The X Factor. And he’s not a fan of Louis Walsh either.

During a rant against the show the Pulp frontman explained that he thinks The X Factor is “crap” and that it teaches kids to think that pop is formulaic,

“I gave up on The X Factor when they did that awful version of Heroes by David Bowie. It’s not music, is it? I don’t want to sound like a fuddy-duddy, but to me it’s everything I don’t agree with,” he has told Shortlist.

“The thing that makes good music is the idea that somebody stumbles upon something or just through their enthusiasm and energy they invent something by accident.That’s where great music has come from. Probably all great art, if we’re honest.”

Jarvis’ anti-X Factor tirade didn’t end there though, Jarv has also lashed out at longest serving judge Louis Walsh (it’s not been a good week for Louis),

“And the idea on The X Factor that these experts come in and tell you how to do it, how to style yourself and everything else.Also look at the level of these experts. In a world where Louis Walsh can be considered an expert, something’s wrong. I hate that because it makes kids think that there’s a proper way to be a pop star, like there’s a formula. And it’s crap.”

Do you agree with what Jarvis has to say? We can’t help but think he’s taking an entertainment show a little too seriously.


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