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Rylan Clark admits he does not expect to win The X Factor

Rylan Clark admits he does not expect to win The X Factor
This is Rylan's 'haircut face'

Hands up if you love Rylan Clark! We'll take a few moments as you all raise your hands in eerie and united obedience, then drag them back down to the keyboard or smartphone again to carry on reading. Shh. We'll wait. Just put your hands in the air and wave them around as though you are Rylan Clark and you just don't care.

But despite Rylan being the best – just this week he has gotten a back tattoo of Gary Barlow, been kicked out of a hotel for flashing his butt-butt and sang a hilarious mash-up on live TV, again just to mess with Gary Barlow – the star has admitted he knows he won't win the show.

Reminder: he has done all that stuff and it is only Week Three. Three.

Fonzie in a onesie

Wait, what?

"I've got no expectations to win the show," The Sun reports him as saying. "I'm serious about doing dance music, but if going on stage and having fun makes you a joke act then fine, but I'm loving it and I'm so grateful for all the support."

Kind of jarringly candid from Rylan, there. It feels like a trick. Did they accidentally talk to a Rylangänger, stalking the streets of London with a seemingly endless array of vest-tops and perfectly sculpted facial hair? Hallowe'en is coming up. This could happen. 


Whoever or whatever The Sun spoke to, it/he admitted that featuring on the show was hard, hard work.

"At the end of the day, I've worked like every other contestant to [get] where we are," he/it said. "People don't realise how much work goes in." Whatever, Rylan. You are clearly the best one. Bring on Week Four, you crazy, crazy dude.


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