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James Arthur insists that he is not a womaniser…

James Arthur insists that he is not a womaniser…

The X Factor's James Arthur has denied comments that he is a womaniser, claiming that he’s rarely even been out on the tiles during the show. However he did admit that when he does party, he likes to hit the town hard.

Young and having fun

The soulful singer sang a rather steamy version of Marvin Gaye’s, Let’s Get It On on the show on Saturday night – a tune that by the looks of it gained him a few admirers as he was spotted going into his hotel room with three girls afterwards.

But, alike to Louis Smith – he doesn’t want to get up to anything naughty, it’s more a case of harmless fun.

“I didn't commit any crime - I'm young and I'm single and you only live once”

Wooing big tease, James...

“I've only been out once or twice since I've been here. I had a proper blow-out that night and got pretty drunk and probably went a bit too far.”

“Unfortunately, it might have tarred me with a bit of a womaniser brush.”

Womanise away, James.

Loved by the ladies

Despite his protests however, the 24-year-old cannot deny that he has a big female following.

Even the celeb ladies are beginning to fall at his feet with Holly Willoughby revealing that after Saturday night’s performance, she now has a big crush on the singer.

“When James performed Let’s Get It On - I was watching it going 'I now really fancy you' - it was amazing!”

James even admitted that his following may “have gained a few lad supporter’s after that.”

Well, Rylan definitely loves you. He even went as far to say that he’d marry you. You lucky devil.



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