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Wot, no Christopher Maloney? Star gets the boot from the show after 'hungover' behaviour

Wot, no Christopher Maloney? Star gets the boot from the show after 'hungover' behaviour
Oh...the good old days

He might have been the mums' and nans' favourite on The X Factor up until yesterday, but Christopher Maloney's taken a big tumble from grace in the past, er...24 hours.

That's because he's been ousted from The X Factor's final show! Show insiders said that producers decided to drop him because he turned up hungover for the final rehearsals!

When the Liverpudlian warbler turned up to rehearse a Christmas medley with the rest of the show's stars, he was "reeking of booze".

The Sun's mole said that he refused to talk to staff as well as previous contestants including Ella Henderson and Union J, before going ballistic when he found out he only had one line in the medley. "He was abusive to the production team and other contestants.

"He said he was leaving and didn't want to perform in the final tonight."

He then left the Manchester Central set for his nearby hotel room for half an hour, before returning. But his hangover gave him the giggles and apparently he started to giggle as the other finalists performed. He is said to have had a massive falling out with Carolynne Poole - you know, that one who was booted off the show in episode one.

Carolynne...remember her?
Carolynne...remember her?

So how did he get so boozed? Well, after leaving the show in a not-too-bad third place, he'd gone out with a few pals on the razz.

Returning to his hotel at 4am, he upset the workers there. A source said: "He was abusive to staff int he morning when they went to fetch him for the ensemble."

"He got up and went to rehearse but stormed off about only having one line to sing. He went back to his hotel and didn't come back for 11am for the second rehearsal."

The source continued: "Eventually he came back after noon and was clearly drunk. He then said he didn't want to stay and wanted to go back to Liverpoool."

"So he went back to the hotel to pack bags to leave."

Oh deary. Not the most comfortable of losers, is he?


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