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X Factor Exclusive: Rylan Clark's mum: "he'd never get plastic surgery"

X Factor Exclusive: Rylan Clark's mum:
Rylan's mum says he won't have plastic surgery

This weekend, we were lucky enough to go along to The X Factor live shows, and after one, we had a little chat with Essex boy Rylan Clark's family.

His brother, Jamie, who is 15 years older than Rylan, was introduced to us by the X Factor star as "my builder big brother who used to beat up bullies for me"

And he explained that Rylan's dad hasn't been around for a long time: "Rylan's dad left with he was young and never appeared in his life again. If I ever saw him again I'd do him in."

He added that he's quite different to his younger bro: "I was like his dad when I was younger. I love him but we're so different. "I'm a builder and he's dancing about singing, but he's doing what he loves, so we're happy for him."

Which must be a joy to hear for Rylan, who's no stranger to being in the bottom two of the competition, narrowly saved each time.

Rylan's mum, Linda, was also in attendance at the live show for the first and only time this series, and said that although her son has been preened and primped into a doll-like creation, would never go under the knife. "He's not had any plastic surgery! He's terrified of all that!"

She admitted: "He's had Botox and fillers, but he'd never have an operation. He's just all talk." In other Rylan news, he's been having a grand old time out at Disneyland Paris with fellow contestants James Arthur, Christopher Maloney and Jahmene Douglas.

Sent out there to celebrate the theme park's 20th anniversary, Rylan spent most of his time cosying up to James Arthur…an unlikely pair if ever we saw one!


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