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Here’s what the new X Factor bootcamp stage looks like

Hiya and yeah: if you’re wondering what this year’s X Factor Bootcamp stage is going to look like, we can reveal that this. This is what it looks like. A big X, basically. It’s thought the importance of the ‘X’ will be revealed on the show, but we’ve got some working theories so far: i. Illuminati symbol of some sort?ii. Each of ...


Cheryl Cole booed at X Factor auditions while Simon Cowell takes a sick day

The Artist Formerly Known As Cheryl Cole was booed by the audience at yesterday’s X Factor auditions, with rigid-haired high commander Simon Cowell nowhere to be seen. As a source told The Sun, Cheryl ‘Just Call Me Cheryl’ Cheryl was left stunned when the audience started to boo her after she gave one hopeful some especially practical advice. And not ...


Cheryl Cole goes on rant about cheating during X Factor auditions

If there’s one celeb who knows how it feels to be cheated on it’s Cheryl Cole. That Ashley Cole was a right so and so… And now the newly-married star has gone off on one about it during X Factor auditions. Her outburst came after Simon Cowell questioned a boyband about whether they were concealing girlfriends. Cheryl interrupted, telling the boys ...


Death to Deadlock: X Factor bosses hint at a surprise FIFTH judge, and not in that rubbish way they did it last year

Yeah don’t panic and freak out too much but there’s a chance — QUITE A BIG CHANCE — that X Factor bosses could unveil a surprise fifth judge for this year’s live shows, who will oversee the Wildcard group of discarded boys, girls, over-25s and groups who don’t get their jump-in-the-pool moment at Judges’ Houses. As Metro reports, Simon Cowell ...


The X Factor’s secret ‘shopping list’ revealed

Oh dear, X Factor – you have been naughty, haven’t you? A secret ‘shopping list’ of acts the producers of the talent show want has been revealed by The Sun. The list includes, 1. Young bad boys2. Young sassy girls3. Rockers – good or bad4. A cool young choir5. A female diva6. A Wagner7. Olly Murs8. Stacey Solomon9. Cher Lloyd10. A ‘man of the people’11. Groups12. A very camp group13. A boy with ...


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