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Paloma Faith in the running to be fourth X Factor judge

Right – so Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell are confirmed, and Louis Walsh is pretty much definitely confirmed for the new series of X Factor. But who will fill the fourth seat on the judging panel has become a hot topic of conversation. Rita Ora’s been rumoured; Rihanna’s in the running apparently; and there’s also talk of Mel B getting ...


Simon Cowell wants Mel B on the X Factor judging panel

Will this X Factor judging panel madness never end?! When will we know for sure who is in and who is out? Anywho, now that we’ve stopped being so dramatic… looks like Simon Cowell has got his eye on Mel B aka Scary Spice for a spot. So let’s recap shall we? Simon is definitely in. Cheryl Cole is definitely ...


X Factor news: Simon Cowell is getting rid of boot camp

Simon Cowell has promised to make some drastic changes to The X Factor in order to win back fans/audience figures, and his latest shake-up involves ditching the boot camp stage of the show. We actually think this could be a great move, other than Zayn Malik throwing a hissy fit and refusing to dance NOTHING interesting has ever happened at boot ...


Louis Walsh “isn’t bothered” about what Cheryl Cole’s been saying about not wanting him on The X Factor

Earlier this week newly-reappointed X Factor judge Cheryl Cole admitted that she wasn’t that keen on sharing the judging panel with Louis Walsh. (There’s some beef between the pair from Cheryl’s Girls Aloud days when Louis was their manager…) But despite Chezza making it clear she would rather have another woman by her side instead of Louis, the 61-year-old “isn’t ...


Is Louis Walsh’s X Factor return at risk because of Cheryl Cole?

With half of the X Factor judging panel confirmed – we’re talking about Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole here – we thought at least one more spot was a certainty. Louis Walsh just has to be coming back for an eleventh series. Doesn’t he? Well, maybe not. Apparently, Cheryl isn’t keen on having the boyband manager on the show, as she has “beef” ...


Steve Jones thinks Cheryl Cole should return to The X Factor UK, so thanks for that, Steve Jones

Steve Jones news now, and our favourite presenter-who-can’t-go-more-than-thirty-seconds-into-a-link-without-bursting-into-laughter-,-thus-negating-the-point-of-having-a-presenter-in-the-first-place-,-if-we-are-honest has been talking about Cheryl Cole’s chances of an X Factor return ahead of tonight’s episode of his new show, Hair. Steve – who worked on the doomed series of X Factor US that saw Cheryl drafted in on a multi-million dollar deal, dropped for being too Geordie and then sue the ...


Simon Cowell cancels X Factor musical I Can’t Sing’s first two shows

Simon Cowell has decided it’s probably best to cancel the first two preview shows of his new X Factor musical, I Can’t Sing. Why? Well, basically it’s just not ready yet. In a statement explaining why the 27 and 28 February shows have been cancelled, Stage Entertainment (the company behind I Can’t Sing) producer Rebecca Quigley said: “After much careful ...


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