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What is heat Makes You Happy Month all about then?

heat makes people happy – it’s a scientific fact (we've tested peoples brains and everything).

But in January we're all miserable – we’ve got no money, there are no more Christmas presents, and – let’s be honest – we have no actual desire to go to the gym, no matter how much we try and convince ourselves). So it’s time to combat the sadness! From today, heat is turning the most depressing month of the year into the happiest with our heat Makes You Happy campaign. Forget January - it's FUN–UARY.

Here’s some stuff we’re doing to get your spirits up:

heat’s Blue Monday petition

Check us out – we’ve got our very own petition to turn 'Blue Monday' (the last Monday of January) into a public holiday – we want as many signatures as possible! So what are you waiting for – sign here NOW!


We want you lovely lot to send in pictures of their grans doing crazy stuff. We're after the HAPPIEST gran in the UK – and the winner will get a prize for them and their gran! Exciting stuff, eh?

Kitten cam

On ‘Blue Monday’ we'll have  a live stream into Battersea Dogs and Cats’ Home, where you can watch cute baby cats doing stuff – and even adopt one afterwards.


We'll be bombarding you with prizes all day on Blue Monday  – so many, in fact, you might as well just forget about work and stay on Twitter so you don't miss anything. (Don’t tell your boss we said that…)

Celebrity self-help guide

In today’s issue of heat magazine, we have part one of our incredible (if we do say so ourselves…) celebrity self-help guide, featuring Joey Essex's A-Z of life, Keith Lemon's guide to confidence, Jamie Oliver's guide to food and Made In Chelsea’s Phoebe-Lettice Thompson’s guide to style on a shoe string.

And you’re going to love next week’s second instalment to – just you wait!

Happy Hour on – every day from 12pm-2pm

This is a place where you can forget about work, and while away your lunchtime. Enter silly celeb games like our celeb staring contests (see if you can beat the likes of Joey Essex, Made In Chelsea, Dermot O’Leary, Davina McCall and many more in a stare off). And check out our galleries of happy animals (just because), celebs falling over, and our daily Extra Happy News.

Happy Hour on heat Radio – every day from 3pm-4pm

Pick your happiest tunes and get a shout out. Plus the chance to win daily cash prizes.

Happy Hour on heat TV – every day from 6pm-7pm

Are you a fan of feel-good tunes? Yeah, we thought as much. Then make your way to heat TV every day 6pm where we’ll have a whole load of them for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Jeez, we sure are good to you guys.



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