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Hollyoaks’ Holly Weston: “I’m a grandma with rage problems!”

Hollyoaks’ Holly Weston: “I’m a grandma with rage problems!”

Ahead of tonight’s very special heat4 festival episode Hollyoaks takeover, we had a chat with Holly Weston, who plays dip-dyed wild-child Ash Kane on the soap.

Have you had any strange festival moments?

You know what? I’ve never even been to a proper festival! I’ve been to one for a day but I’ve never been to like a full on camping experience festival.

What about day festivals?

I just normally get really angry and annoyed at drunk people. It’s like road rage, but I call it festival rage. You know when you get drinks poured over you - I feel like a proper grandma: "Why don’t you just want to listen to the music?" I’m a grandma with rage problems.

Are you going to start going to festivals?

I’m thinking about going to Latitude. Apparently that’s a nice chilled one, that’ll be a nice festival experience.

What type of music are you into?

I’m a definite all-rounder. I like quite old-school stuff like sixties music, hippie bands. But it depends what kind of mood I’m in, if I want to go out to dance I quite like a bit of R&B and hip hop.

What are your viewing habits like, do you like to veg out in front of the TV?

I do like to get into a good TV drama, but in the week when I get back and I’m a bit knackered, I’m quite a reality TV fan. I like having a good watch of Made In Chelsea. I love Ollie Locke, and I really like Binky, although she’s being a bit naughty at the moment. I guess it’s a bit strange for an actor to be a reality TV fan, because I guess because normally people are moaning about how reality TV takes our jobs! I just can’t help it, though. You just get stuck in, don’t you?

Who’s your favourite person to work with on the Hollyoaks set?

They’re all great. The good thing about the cast is that everyone’s such a laugh. We just have a really good time. And no-one takes themselves too seriously.

What do you see happening with Will and Ash?

I’m not sure yet, they haven’t even told me what’s going on. There’s definitely some kind of hidden romance there. But it seems that the balance always hits one way or the other. The festival episode shows what Ash thinks about the situation. Before, I always thought that Will liked Ash a bit more. But now it may be going the other way.

What do you want to happen with Ash in the long term?

I’d like to do a lot more with my family, which is cool because it looks like I’m getting a lot more soon. But there’s definitely a lot of hidden stuff there that we haven’t seen yet, especially with the dad, who we don’t really know much about.


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