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Hollyoaks catch-up: Lynsey meets her fate

Hollyoaks catch-up: Lynsey meets her fate

Hollyoaks catch-up: Lynsey is killed Even though Lynsey starts her day bossing people about, people follow her orders: Brendan agrees to find out what’s going on with Ally and Walker, and Joel agrees to go to his check-up.

On his way to the check-up, though, Joel is kidnapped by the thugs who stabbed him and is put in a van in the middle of nowhere. He’s handed a grenade and told that this is payback for his boss beating them up. His hands are literally tied, then he’s locked in the van!

Meanwhile, Ash is cross at Will because he hasn’t spoken to Barney in ages. Will takes his anger out on Lynsey, who accidentally blocks a photo he’s trying to take.

Brendan tries to talk to Ally about Walker but he’s having none of it. Ste’s angry because he overhears that Ally’s been to a stripclub, but he keeps schtum, knowning Walker’s watching them.

Riley falls out with Lynsey

Riley, who’s still in shock, is convinced that Lynsey was Mitzeee’s stalker. While she’s packing a bag to take to Mercy in hospital, she comes across a picture of Bobby, Riley and Mitzeee, where Mitzeee’s face has been scribbled out.

At the hospital (after she’s been threatened, again, by Walker) Lynsey confronts Mercy about the photo. The invalid admits to stalking Mitzeee, and says that if Riley finds out she’ll never be allowed to see Bobby again. Lynsey tells Mercy that she has to tell Riley she was the stalker…but Mercedes is so close to reuniting with him – he’s offered for her to move in with them while she recovers! So she gets Dr Browning to discharge her drive her back to town.

Brendan pulls the pin out of the grenade in the tensest scene e-vah!

In a tense scene in the rain, Brendan rushes to Joel after an anonymous tip-off. He holds onto the grenade for Joel and pulls out the pin while he’s next to Walker, not knowing if it will explode or not. It doesn’t, but it shows Walker that Brendan means business. Brendan then goes and gives Joel a hug. Awww! When they all return to the club, it’s been ransacked. Brendan tells Joel to go home, and Walker storms off, saying he has to be somewhere…

Lynsey asks Carmel to go on holiday with them, but she suggests Mercy go instead. Lynsey gets home and tells Cheryl about the holiday plans, and sends her out to get some celebratory bucks fizz. Brendan rushes home to look for something, but when he gets there, Lynsey’s dead!


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