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Hollyoaks catch-up: Lynsey's DEAD! But whodunnit?

Hollyoaks catch-up: Lynsey's DEAD! But whodunnit?

The episode following Lynsey’s death was a shocker. We’re still drying our eyes, in fact - how could it all be so sad? But – more importantly, WHODUNNIT? Who could kill butter-wouldn’t-melt nurse Lynsey?

Brendan, aghast at Lynsey’s death, carries her body into the street to try and get help. Dr Browning tries to revive her but there’s no hope. Cheryl’s beside herself. Brendan and Ste hug it out and Doug hardly notices, he’s so bereft. Joel turns up – already shaken by his run-in with the grenade – and Brendan sends him away. Darren pulls Nancy away – she’s distraught, but he doesn’t want it to trouble their baby. Mercedes and Riley bump into each other and turn up in the middle of town, where Lynsey’s pronounced dead. Mercy cries – but could she have done it?

The police come to investigate Lynsey’s death. Dr Browning tells them the injuries looked like strangulation, so they treat it as a murder. There was no sign of forced entry into the house, so the killer must’ve been someone Lynsey knew. They take Cheryl and Brendan in, and question them. Not before stripping them, though!

After some brief relief in the form of Brendan’s lovely torso, the police question them. Brendan remains quiet about Walker, who denies knowing Lynsey at all – could Walker have done it? He suspects the thugs who wanted to get back at Brendan after letting Joel escape…could they have done it?!

Ste and Doug tell Amy what happened, and just as she finds out, Ally walks in. Ste tries to get Ally to tell Amy that he’d spoken to Lynsey, and that she’d known he’d been going to stipclubs, but Ally remains quiet, and Amy sides with him. She even provides an alibi for her boyfriend. Ste still suspects him, though. Could Ally have done it?

Dodger and Texas go on an impromptu road trip to pick up Liberty, who’s been stranded after a gig in Liverpool. They don’t have a phone, and on the way the van breaks down. Texas tries to talk Dodger into talking to Dirk about him not being his real dad, but Dodger doesn’t want to hassle him.

When they get back, Doug tells Texas about Lynsey and she has flashbacks to Silas – it’s all happening again. Now, Silas should be in an institution, but could he have killed Lynsey?

Riley happily moves Brendan and Cheryl into the flat, but Mercy can’t stand it, and it shows…she's looking the most likely now, isn't she?

But who do YOU think did it?

The light relief of the episode (apart from Brendan's torso) was when Carmel doesn’t want to leave hospital because she’s embarrassed about the world seeing her scar. Jacqui tries to talk her round, but can’t…and goes looking for Lynsey to help out with her sister…uh oh.


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