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Hollyoaks catch-up: Mitzeee’s sent to prison, Lynsey gets curious

Hollyoaks catch-up: Mitzeee’s sent to prison, Lynsey gets curious

After all the witnesses’ statements are given to the police, Mitzeee is charged with attempted murder of Mercedes. Riley turns up to her bail hearing, but it’s found that Mitzeee could either try to leave the country or try to make contact with any of the key witnesses e.g. Riley, so she’s not given bail. Riley visits her in jail to try and make sense of things but he’s not convinced that she definitely had a stalker, and leaves.

Lynsey’s still curious about Ally. She talks to Amy about him, but doesn’t find much out. Ally overhears them talking and goes alltetchy, snapping at Amy and the kids when he can’t find out what Lynsey wants from him. He goes to a strip club (bizarre!) and Lynsey follows him in. He says he’s not there to check out the girls and says that his sister was raped by two men after working as a stripper. He doesn’t reveal how he knows Walker, and tells Lynsey to stop digging around.

Lynsey, still very curious, talks to Brendan about Walker and Ally. Even though Brendan thinks there’s nothing fishy afoot, she says that Joel has the right idea to be curious about Walker, and tells Brendan to be wary of Walker and Ally.

Meanwhile, over at the Kanes’, Callum and Lacey are devastated to find Martha passed out on the floor. Callum has a heart-to-heart with her and she agrees to see a doctor to get help for her drinking.

Some good news!

In about the only good news this episode, Nancy and Darren’s scan goes well! They’re going to have a baby! And in hospital, Mercedes gets woken up by Dr Browning…he’s creepy, but soon leaves.

Mercedes is about to tell Jacqui the truth, but lies again, and suggests to Riley that Lynsey could have been stalking Mitzeee! Riley doesn’t believe her until she mentions how obsessive Lynsey was about Silas.

And at the very, very end, the thug who stabbed Joel is back. He’s outside Chez Chez with a very fit very scary henchman! What damage are these two going to do…?


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