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Hollyoaks catch-up: Riley and Mitzeee FINALLY kiss, Stug FINALLY sleep together!

Hollyoaks catch-up: Riley and Mitzeee FINALLY kiss, Stug FINALLY sleep together!

Everyone wakes up in a strange place – Rhysis in a prison cell, Riley’s on some grass under a tree and Mercedes has a text from Riley saying that he loves her! Rhys is in trouble with Jacqui for staying out all night, but, with some relationship counselling from Phoebe, they sort out their differences – Jacqui agrees to rely on Rhys for help.

Meanwhile, Doug and Ste have sex for the first time. But not everything goes to plan – Brendan’s in the flat, and he has every right to be. He’s the new landlord! That’s not the only beef the Irishman has – he punches Walker after Walker suggests he’ll become friendly with Lynsey, who’s threatened to hurt him if he hurts Brendan. Bizarrely, Ally recognises Walker and thinks he’s called Nick. We wonder how he knows him?

Mitzeee’s convinced that Riley’s stayed out all night with some floozy. She has a go at him, and he goes out to prepare aromantic dinner for them. Mercedes bumps into him in town and is convinced the dinner’s for her.

A bleary-eyed Darren tells Nancy that Riley had spent the whole night trying to pluck up the courage to tell Mitzeee he loves her, and Nancy tells Mitzeee how Riley really feels. Riley and Mitzeee bump into each other and confess their love. They kiss. Lots. They go into the flat, where Mercedes is waiting, naked in Riley’s room. As they go into Mitzeee’s room and get down to it, she’s absolutely devastated.


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